Friday, December 30, 2011

Greetings from the end of the year 2011

Dear readers,

Too bad I haven't been able to update my blog for months. I hope you have found some other interesting stuff to do :). Long story short the trip to EGC2011 in Bordeaux went really nicely and I think I even gained a couple of pounds (the food was delicious).

Enjoying every moment with finnish friends.
Korean food party, with some friends in France

 I realized at the congress once again that Go is a difficult board game. However, I tried not to take this too seriously. What I really enjoyed about that congress was the feeling of adventure when you're exploring new things, like food,wine and meeting new friends. I had the chance to keep in contact with my korean contacts, and that reminded me of the year 2008-2009 when I was in Korea. Some memories just get sweeter with time. I've even actually started liking kimchi a bit more! Moreover I was able to strenghten my bond with the finnish Go-players. I think we have a great go-community here in finland. I also managed to get some contacts from Taiwan as some of my finnish friends hanged out with them. A friend of mine even went to visit one of them in Taiwan last september!

Picture taking during orientation week at a student activity
A lot of things have happened since the last post. Actually I did manage to get a study place against my expectations at that point. During the EGC I got a call from my mom that I was accepted in Aalto University of Economics BscBa -program in Mikkeli, which is another city about 200 km away from Helsinki. So practically I'm studying business and economics in one of the best universities in the country and that's pretty sweet! Infact I had a lot of things to do in august-december, moving to another town and starting my studies, so I didn't really have time for Go and this blog unfortunately, but I think it was still good, because I've learned so many things this second half of the year and that has made my view of life broader and more exciting.

If you find yourself eating your favorite korean food, you're blessed.

In October I had my prize-trip to Korean Prime Ministers Cup in South-Korea. I must say it was an amazing trip, altough I did not play that well as I was rusty. I had the wonderful chance to get to meet old friends and some new people as well. I wish I could explain you the feeling when I had my first bite of Tuna-Gimbap at the gimbap place after so many years! It felt heavenly. Pc-bang experience was also nice :).

Anyways thanks to this trip to Korea I was able to start reviving my Go again. I started playing Go again a couple of nights a week and solving problems every now and then when I have time. From November I was more or less already in somewhat of a good shape. And I actually managed to win the Finnish Championships 2011 without any losses (7-0)(History of Finnish Championships).

Winning that championships was my childhood dream
ever since I started Go and I probably wouldn't have gotten to dan level without this goal. It felt great thinking back into 2005 when that young boy entered Helsinki Go-club for the first time on a rainy summer day, staring at a room full of Go-players so concentrated in their games. It was so peaceful inside compared to the outside where it was pouring heavily. Soon this young 30 kyu  boy was put to play against a 16-time Finnish Champion, Vesa Laatikainen 5 dan. At this moment I knew what I wanted to do. Now that young boy has more or less grown up and is not feeling as excited about Go anymore, which is a pity. However, his appreciation to the game runs very deep and will always stay in his heart.