Saturday, November 20, 2010



We arrived to berlin yesterday at 7AM. We hadn´t slept at all during the night and we were just taking small naps when could during the day. The weather here is like early autumn in finland, it´s quite warm. Germany is so weird, this place looks strange, the people are strange and the smell is different. After some few hours we reached the tournament place. Before that we wondered around what we expected to be an area of east-berlin. The houses looked old and abandoned and there were no restaurants anywhere!!! at noon we arrived to wulheide, a quiet place on the edge of berlin with lots of nature. The forest seemed really magical and they smelled like authentic fairytale forests :).

We soon reached the tournament place and we just slept some hours on the uncomfortable chairs. Not too many ppl here speak english. But we managed to survive with my german skills. at around 4pm people started appearing at the tournament place. I introduced myself to Oh Luis, who is a korean 6dan living in spain. Then I got to know some new guys like scurge. All the czech guys have a cute accent :P.
My first day started really horribly, I lost to Oh Luis and Obenaus dude. I made some 20 kyu move in the latter game -.-* and because of that my winning position was gone in an instance. I have only played go on the internet the past 2 months and I haven´t done too many life and death problems for a while and it shows.
We found a reallz good pizza place on our way home. The pizza was really good and costed just 2,50 euros.Our accomodators are really nice too and their appartment is nice. I forgot to mention that I´m here with my friend Pessi, he is 1d and won 2 games on friday. Today on saturday it was really hard for me to wake up. I had some weird dream where my eyes got crusified somehow o.0. We had 4 games today with egf A-class playing times. After the last round I wasn´t really sure if that had been the 3rd or 4th round...results from today 3d+,4d+,5d-,4d+. I´m rusty >:3... Pessi has had an opposite result than me every round.
We just arrived home and ate pizza again.
I hope to play better tommorrow.

Good night!!!!

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