Friday, October 22, 2010

October update!!! (22nd of October)

Hey guys ( yes, now it seems there are 2 followers, grrrreat!) :)

I got through my matriculation exams and it went pretty fairly.
The goverment of finland was very nice to decide to give me some monthly student grant of 95€/month, so I will won't be so broke anymore :].
I love nemo-fishies!!! *-*

I've been quite bored since there has not been almost any go-tournaments and it's difficult to keep up with the crazy practice for almost 1 month in a row. Next tournaments in 1 month still eh...

19th of November to 29th of November I will be on a competition trip in germany, I hope to do my best in the Go-tournaments there. After I come back to finland I'll have KAC and SM tournaments (korean prime-ministers cup, finnish championship), so alltogether 4 weekends of go-tournaments in a row!

I've been in the insei-league this month as well, though it seems like I won't be getting any prize money, because other students are so passive in playing games, but the teaching games I play against Dinerstein and "insane"Hwang are very useful. Actually It's still a mystery to me how I am all of a sudden getting weekly teaching games from 2 strong players o.0, since I'm not paying anything! (though I'm working for Dinerstein a bit).

And it seems like Dinerstein found out what is my natural style o.0!!! for couple of weeks I had been wondering why is my fuseki so crappy. Dinerstein commented after our game that my fuseki was infact crappy, but he even managed to find out why! He's indeed a genious!
It seems like I was trying to play territorial style in fuseki which doesn't suit me at all, because I'm not so good in endgame. The solution is to play my own natural style of framework games, which suit me better, because I'm good in fighting!

So it seems like I'll be testing mini-chinese and chinese openings from now on!

I've been practicing L&D so I guess fighting style is better for me then... I've noticed that I can sometimes read up to 20 moves! how cool is that :) (though I suck at everything else,hehe)
Here is an example from my reading in a game with 2d vs. 4dan players.
See if you can read this out. (In the game white should've sacrificed his group with the kosumi-tsuke (my suggestion) in the center, see if you can help white to win the game after black kills those white stones (black to play and lose (less than 10 moves)))

Recently I've been having these problems to fall asleep...
So actually I solved most of the L&D problems 2AM-5AM, when I can't fall asleep...

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