Monday, September 20, 2010

Helsinki Casual & september update


My tournament last weekend went brilliantly and I won the 1st place!!! + 100€!!!
From which 40€ is left after paying some of my debts and buying food -.-*.
Well anyways I'm really happy that I won Hki Casual for the 2nd year in a row + I got a bit tired of eating just rice/potatoes and canned beans last week =), So I'm rich now yey!.

Now to the main plan... I managed to level up to ~2437 Gors, which is far from my 9 month-goal, but it's a start. I realized that the Gor-system is actually pretty tough & It's not so easy to launch up your Gors just like that.
Losing even 1 game in a tournament can change your overall result into a negative one. Therefore the winning percentage in a tournament should be 80-100%, where 80% is usually not enough. This gave me a new aspect for my tournament games
- Every game is equally important!

I will have a small break from training Go until my history matriculation exams (1st October)are over, But after that I will start another really intense training period, which should last until my next tournament ~7 weeks later.
After mid-November I will have 4-5 important tournaments almost in a row. The results of those tournaments will show what kind of possibilities I have for reaching the top.