Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ready for the challenge

taken from my 2 weeks old diary post...

I got up this morning at 10:13 o'clock and switched off my alarm-clock. I went back to sleep. I woke up again at 10:49, noticing that I'm late from my guitar-class. Luckily I was able to provide some extra time for a shower. After showering and finding some clean clothes was the time for breakfast. I had a hot coco and a banana. As the banana started disappearing into my stomach, I could feel the sweat and a little bit chilly pieces of banana getting chopped moving to my cheeks. I felt a bit like a squirrel. I looked outside thinking about squirrels and saw the bus I was supposed to get on passing our house.

On the way to guitar class I met one of my random pick-up girls. We had a short chat before our roads departed. She said she was just starting high-school so she was just 15!!! o.0 I can't belive myself (and she so didn't look like it I swear, andandand)... talking to random 15yo girls in the bus. FUUU ><

Ready for the challenge

During the EGC 2010 the top-european players had a meeting. The Eurogotv-head Harry made an announcement that he would be creating EuroGoPro-League, where 12 top europeans get a professional status for 1 year. There were also many young players attending the meeting. All the participants were at least 5d egf, I think (appart from harry, the future CEO of EuroGoPro). Tenbabo, my rival (name modified) was sitting next to me and all the people seemed really interested in the topic. The mood was some what tense but filled with some jokes such as, Catalin 5p: Burzo, looks like you have to start studying again (*laughter*) xD.

It seemed like the top-players had been waiting for something like this for long, since making a living with Go is pretty much impossible in europe. Howerver, the understanding and level of these Go-masters cannot be reached easily even with hundreds of hours of stydy. Every session with a stronger player is an enlighting experience. Very few people think these top-players should earn some money with Go and the truth pretty much is that you get better salary flipping burgers (unless you are Michael Jackson) than with teaching Go. Nevertheless teaching Go for me is only 50% job and 50% fun and that's why I accept lower price for my lessons than most 5d+ players.

With the EuroGoPro stuff every player would have their own sponsor and these Pro's would get ~800€/month. That's actually enough to make a living out of it! In addition your trips would be paid for EuroGoPro-tournaments.
I'm so glad I didn't go last spring... I would've missed all the nice things life still has to offer me.

The dream to be a EuroPro seems very distant, I evaluated that egf-players with 2610 go-rating points would enter in EuroPro system. However, I expect the level to increase a little with the competition to fill those 12 spots. During the next 10 months the Gor limit might increase to +2630-2650.

One of the most difficult parts in life is after high-school, since you are finally free from school, but you should perhaps for the first time in your life choose the path which you want to follow.

I won't be relying my only card on Go as a profession. It has been my dream for many years to become a businessman, like my dad (though, not as crappy one),whom I respect very much. This school year there is going to be so many things to do. I need good grades from school and from march I have to start studying for business school exams which will be in June. It's said to be very difficult to get into that university...

My wildest dream is to make it to that business university & EuroGoPro at the same time! I'm not sure if it's even possible, but what would our lives be without Goals and Dreams?

To be honest I'm not sure if I can get even into one of my 2 options. I might even fail both. but I'm willing to work towards my dream.

And I'm taking up this Challenge

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