Thursday, August 5, 2010

EGC Thursday 5th August. Bonus&Team tournament

Dear friends

This week many stuff has happened. My main tournament hasn't gone too good, but at least I didn't lose to anyone under 6 dan.

My main tournament after round 8:
5p-,4d+,5d+,6d-,7d-,6d-,3d+ 3/7 :(

On tuesday there was a bonus tournament, for which Chief and me made a bet. If I would win, Chief would buy me 10 beers if he won I'd buy him one beer. For those who don't know what is a bonus tournament, it's a combination of Go and drinking. You get points for drinking and playing Go. Ofcourse the best combination for getting the most points is drinking and winning games.

The tournament started on tuesday at 18:00 in a local bar called S-something. I started the tournament very faaaaast. The games were basically lightning games and in normal circumstances it would have been difficult to play and drink, since it takes quite much concentration to play Go. Anyways I discovered later that my strategy seemed to be playing really fast and drinking on my opponents time. Some of my opponents lost on time and some just died everywhere :). I didn't even realize how time went so fast I played 20 games and won 19 of them and drank a lot. After about 6 hours had passed there and I had played my maximum amount of games there was 10 minutes left. I managed to drink 1 liter more before the time finished :). I don't really like beer so I was drinking perry light -cider, which tasted like water with apple juice.

I ended up pretty drunk and we went to party to.. love hotel!!! .. and I drank some more. While moving from bar S to love hotel it was raining heavily so our running looked like chickens run. One of us called "vatipää" slipped and dived on the street x), luckily he was alright appart from his bleeding elbow. At love hotel the doorman didn't want to let "vatipää" in because he didn't have any shoes. One of us who was already inside the club gave "vatipää" his own shoes and went to the club bare foot. That doorman was pretty easy to trick :).

I managed to have some conversation with the opposite sex of the human species, but I realized, maybe I shouldn't have for the sake of my mental health x). The girls were horrible...
We managed to get home after the night club finnished at around 4am. I went straight to sleep and slept like a baby for the next 6 hours.

In the morning I felt pretty good, since last night had been awesome. I took some hot chocolate and a glass of milk, but suddenly my head started feeling like a watermelon and I got reaaally dizzy, so I had to stop my breakfast. I lied in my bed feeling really sick, like I could puke. After one hour of lying silent on my bed and ocationally discussing what should I do, someone told me: "be a man", so I went to the toilet and puked 2 times. It was funny to look the bathroom mirror afterwards. I looked like a zombie with red eyes :P. After coming back from the toilet I was so happy to be alive again, I felt considerably better, though a bit exhausted from all the drinking from previous night.

Too bad I had to play in the team-tournament in my hangover condition and we had to leave very soon. It was nice to breathe fresh air outside, but I wouldn't have minded staying at home to rest either.

The team-tournament started on wednesday at 13:15 o'clock. Our teams name was "Gimbap Power!" and it consisted of 3 koreans on boards 1,2,3 and me and a belgian guy on the 4th and 5th boards.
Our first 2 games were relatively easy, but then we played against team Excecution... they were pretty strong with 4x 5 dans and 1x 6 dan. I lost my game against Nikola. His Go-style is very impressive and I think he is the worst kind of opponent for me. Luckily our Koreans did their job and won their games, we went into the finals.
In the finals we played against team Romania, which consisted of 5p,7d,6d,5d and 4d. I was playing against Lucian Corlan from Romania.
Our opening was strangely peaceful, though I lost my thickness pretty efficiently, while he got small groups. During the late part of middle game I managed to cut a group of his and he got into trouble. The result was a easy Ko for me, but he had many ko-threats.
All of the other games ended, our boards 1 and 5 lost and 2 and 3 won, So the result was 2-2 and my game would be the deciding game of the tournament.
Lucian tenukied my ko-threat and I started another ko somewhere else. The ko seemed a bit difficult for me to win. I played and interesting jump to his territory, incase he tried to cut off my stone, my ko-threats would increase. He made a decision to cut my stone, so I managed to get loads of ko-threats. He was in a time trouble and had only a couple of minutes left in his clock. The match was not even close to be over, and the most intense action of the match started as he ignored my threat. I surrounded his stones and he did the same to me.. an intense capturing race occurred. I lived in my corner and he connected out. I played the winning sequence which connected my stones out with a bonus, he got some compensation, but all of his territory was destroyed. A few seconds later he lost on time.
Gimbap Power!!! So we got the 1st place at the team-tournament :)

Today I had the easiest game of EGC against a french 3dan. Altough he played pretty poorly (He didn't really die anywhere big, but he just lacked common sense in strategy), I must say he is quite impressive to be a dan player and 14 years old! When I was 14 years old I was 30 kyu!

I finnished that game early so I went to buy an awesome pullover finally after almost 1 week.

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