Saturday, July 31, 2010

EGC 2010, after 1st week.

Hey there

4th round went pretty good against a japanese 6 dan , altough I lost. Anyways I was not that dissapointed because it was just because of a really simple misread of 5 moves (we tenukied a group of mine for a while. Defending would have been a big endgame anyways). I would have won that game otherwice.

The next day I played against R.Jasiek 5 dan and won him fair and square. I managed to trick him in his own joseki :). My opening was not too good in that game, but because of Jasiek's playing style, he covered all my weaknesses pretty nicely. He seemed to have some kind of strange preferences on the table we were playing at. He hid the result sheet under the board and told me to put any objects not related to the game away from the table o.0

Main tournament after 1 week: 5p-,4d+,5d+,6d-,5d+ (3/5)

Rapid tournament after 1 week: 5d+,5d-,4d+

We also had a football tournament on wednesday and our finnish team got the 5th-6th place. The playing conditions were very bad, but it seems others enjoyed it. Afterwards we went to a 106 years old sauna and it was AWESOME!!!

The 1st week of the congress has passed as follows:

30% Go
30% sleeping
10% eating
30% partying and other activities

Since during the days it's really hot I didn't wear enough warm clothes and it got a bit colder the last few days, so I managed to get sick and had to skip weekend tournament :(. (All that whisky and partying the previous night, might have been a reason why I got so sick).

This morning I woke up in a different place than I usually do. I was feeling so terrible, my head and neck hurted, I could barely breath and my head felt really jammed.

After getting kicked out I headed to the grocery store to buy camomile tea and the ingredients for hot chocolate. After I arrived at our crib, I chatted a bit with my Hyong, Pempu. He gave me some pretty good advices and even paid my shoppings from our common funds.

I recall watching a pro-game with my room-mates for a while and then went to sleep. I woke up in the evening and started studying last year's EGC -book. I almost had a disaster because I was heating up milk and I was listening to music out loud so ofcourse I didnt hear anything before all hell broke loose. I managed to destroy all the evidence luckily :).

It sucks being sick, but I guess it's a good idea to rest, because it would suck to be sick the last week of the congress. I have to ease down on partying too much and concentrate more on improving my Go.

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