Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunny sunday


The weather today was exceptionally nice! +24 and it was really sunny! Well For finland this is really nice.
Last winter was so terrible, there were long periods when the temperature would be stuck around -20'C. What a shock after staying 1 year in South-korea, where the average temperature is above 15 or even 30 most of the year.

My day started at 11:37, when my Friend "O" called me. I was still sleeping and I was really tired since I had difficulties falling asleep (that's when I started this blog and was up until 6 a.m. Well anyways we had agreed that we would go to a public outside swimming pool called Swimming stadium.

I'm proud that I managed to get up. I took a quick shower, had a banana and a glass of milk for breakfast and headed for downtown. On my way I went to the grocery store to buy sunlotion, since I had read from somewhere that some people I know already burnt themselves. To my suprise the sunlotions were around 12€... Geez, I managed to find a "cheap" one which was 6€.
After getting there O was a bit late since he had to go buy swimming trunks. While waiting I set up my towel on the lawn and started reading some manga on my Iphone.

The place was quite packed with people, so we had to queue for a while. There were lots of people from little kids to middle-aged people, and A LOT of hot girls in their bikinis, u-lala =), the day was meant to be perfect. After getting inside me and O went for a dip in the water and after that We found 2 spots on the green grass-field for our towels. There were lots of people having picnic or simply sunbathing. Next to us there was a really brown older woman, who had really spooky figures, just to mention something her back bone could be seen up from her back about 2cm all along her back, yewww!.

We took sun, just relaxed and looked ocationally the bikini babe's walking past us :). The main attraction for all the people seemed to be the jumping towers. The water was light blue like in the tropic. The diving boards were set at 1,3,5,7 1/2 and 10 meters. The jumping towers looked really crowdy and it was packed with young people from little kids to ~30-year olds. Many of the divers did all kinds of amazing flips before splashing in to the pool. The less skilled ones jumped legs first or belly splash. All the people were quite near the swimming pool and the crowd was clapping every now and then for cool or funny moves made by the jumpers before splashing into the water.

After a while it was our turn and we went to jump from 1 and 3 meters, the others were closed. I must say jumping from the dive board is really cool, only thing was that after getting up from the pool it was cold. We jumped around 6 times. Making the jumps were far more difficult than I had expected. I made a backflip from 1 and did a Tarzan fall head first from 3 meters, pretty exciting huh.
Later I asked my friend if he wanted to go to jump from 10 meters, to me it didn't look that high but he refused. I heard some other people next to us saying that the fall from the jumping tower looks higher, because u can see the bottom of the pool! ha! did you know that!

Couple of hours later we decided to leave, but before this we went to sauna! We steamed everybody out.

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