Thursday, July 29, 2010

EGC 2010, day 6


The EGC 2010 has started and the competition seems to be very fierce this year, since there are not overly strong koreans this year. The congress city, Tampere is a very nice place and I think all the participants are enjoying the congress this year.

Appart from playing I'm doing some organicer work as well, it was quite tough in the beginning because there were loads of stuff to do in the first days of the congress.

I started the main tournament not too good. I wasn't satisfied at my own play in the first two games in which I played against Catalin and a german 4 dan ( 5p-, 4d+). My bad play continued in the rapid tournament where I got 5d+,5d-. I was pretty dissapointed at my game, Go is so difficult..., that's what I thought. My go before the congress was really good, so it was a bit upsetting to play so slack, but I really felt like playing Go. On monday after my game I hanged out with my Korean teacher/friend Hajin. She seemed to be in a good mood. Later we went to eat with Mok Jin-seok and some korean personel. We went to a fancy restaurant called Hesburger. I forgot all my worries in good company and I decided to win the next match. Before going to bed I replayed my lost bad games.

The next day I had a great game against Stefan Kaitsheck 5d (5d+). I was in really good mood the rest of the day and I even managed to get a game review by Mok Jin-seok 9p and I learned a lot from it.

Later I went to a bar with some friends and after that to LOVE HOTEL <3!!!, that night club was really nice =D. As a beginner alcohol consumer, I managed to check out some coctail drinks (I don't really like beer).

Sex on the beach - Really nice!!!
Bloody Mary - Tomato juice, yack :(
Kelkka - drinkable
Cosmopolitan - Too lemony, it was bitter

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