Saturday, July 3, 2010

Welcome to my blog, I'm J


This is it huh, the first post of my first blog.
The idea for this blog came to me after watching some random blogs at 5 a.m. Well anyways I was thinking that If more or less normal people have their own blog about really strange stuff, why don't Go-players blog about their life and Go?

Could it be that Go-players think they are too weak in Go to have an opinion on sequences or the situations they see? Or are many of them timid and don't want to tell about their lives? It's not acceptable publicwise, Is it embarassing o.0?, Is it really such a bad thing if some people might spy on your life through a blog? I think it's fantastic!

My relationship to Go is that I've been playing it for 5 years now and I've played in many tournaments in many countries. I've also spent 1 year studying Go in Asia. Anyways I'm not too good at Go, I'm 6 dan on KGS, but I'm far from my ideal level.
I've always had a thing on spying other people and looking around people's homes :). This year, like some other years as well I've been kind of bored, so I ended up exploiting all kind of amazing stuff like reading (other than Go-books), Drawing, making new friends, partying and blogging, etc. So I welcome you all to my blog and I'll hope you'll get to read about some amazing stories and things

Please be aware that this blog is kind of casual and you might encounter with some opinions, insults or silly philosophy you might not like.

Well, I will be posting stuff about Go and some stuff about my life not related to Go.
Please enjoy!

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