Thursday, August 12, 2010

Results EGC 2010

Dear readers

The EGC is over for this year. The EGC 2010 in tampere was probably one of the most memorable congresses for many people. Incase you don't already know Ilya Shiksin 7d and Artem Kachanovskyj 6d got the 1st and 2nd places, which is pretty amazing for european Go since they are leading the new generation of european top-players.
17-year-old Ali Jabarin was the strongest 5 dan and ended up in 10th place beating a Korean 7dan and Ondrej Silt 6dan.

Artem's chance for winning the whole tournament slipped by his hands as he lost from a winning position to Kim Jung-hyeop 7d by 0,5 points. I estimated that Artem lost a couple of thousand euros there :), nevertheless he smiled a little bit at the prize giving ceremony.
Ilya Shiksin's last game against Dinerstein was very long and there was a rumour going on that Dinerstein had said the night before that he would lose on purpose to Ilya, incase Artem lost. There is actually a high chance that this rumour is true.. russians...

My tournament didn't go well, but I had a great time at EGC 2010 tampere. I made some new friends and got to know better some people. I had some achievements at EGC though,

• EGC Team-tournament 1st place (Gimbap Power!)
• EGC Bonus tournament 1st place (I heard I got more applause than the EGC winner)
• Winning Cornel Burzo in rapid :)

To End this post I'd like to tell a funny story about my good friend "Pikku-Jussi" 7dan (4th place), who told me that he quite often sleeps during his games.
He was living at our playboy mansion and slept usually ~2-6 hours per day and even gave his own bed to our random guests (some of these guests showed no appreciation whatsoever and left the place messy) and slept on the sofa o.0. Once he slept outside because he didn't have the keys to our appartment ><.

On our way back to Helsinki on sunday evening (We cleaned up EGC -place whole sunday) our train was badly late. We were killing time in the bar of the train station and we noticed there was a karaoke!!! Oh boy we had such a great time in korean karaokes, so ofcourse I wanted to challenge Little-Yoshi (pikku-jussi) to sing together with me. The variety of songs in the karaoke was very low and crappy, but finally we decided to sing Celine Dion - My Hear Will Go On :D
Our performance was already somewhat legendary with the two of us. Then all of a sudden Ilya Shiksin 7dan appeared out of nowhere and sang the rest of the song with all his heart. I ofcourse laughed my ass off. After our song some girls showed thumbs up for us :)
We managed to get our whole performance on video. Unfortunately Little-Yoshi threatened to kill me if I leaked the video to the internet and he even gave me some painful demonstrations of what he would do to me x).
I guess I will publish the video here later =)

Thx everyone for the great congress!!!

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