Friday, May 13, 2011

Hero's comeback

Hey!, I'm back.

It's been a while since I last posted in my blog, but nevertheless it's nice to start again. I was having some break from Go. It was probably very good since I managed to get some great inspiration from other hobbies and more importantly finnish my high-school!

Enough with the chit-chat let's start...

I started playing again less than 2 weeks ago and ofcourse I had to start from a bit lower since I was rusty. So I played on kgs a while as 5d and now I'm back to 6dan - more or less my old strenght, probably still not quite.

 I was at the Go-club the other day and some strong dude just wooped my ass!!!(btw, he was being an asshole)
I remembered while pondering about that match afterwords that before my break I was at a point where I should start working on improving my Go-style.
I don't know how to explain it, if you've read my older posts I might've mentioned how I can't realease my moyo-magistic style often. In other words I play very boring and so not like my style. My openings are dry and unnecessarily passive. I need some more bouncy action more suitable for my natural style. Another problem with my old style (finnish championship games) was that inorder for my opening to work, I needed enough 4th line stones + opponent must not have many strong groups - I fooled Tenba 6d pretty good with that strategy at first, but after all against weaker or smart players the style is somewhat barren.

If you have read Tenba's blog and remember his metaphor about him having the sword and me the gun, that description is probably pretty close. But that damn gun aint working!!!  It doesn't work if I give my opponent time to play hide and seek.

I usually play simple openings which give me mediocore positions, but often avoid complications way too much, giving my opponents unnecessary advantage which I later have to overcome with great difficulty.

I've come to the conclusion that my road to becoming a strong player was still at a great developing stage after coming from S.korea. The most important thing I still lacked was attitude and speciality. I've copied the wrong elements from korean professional games for my style. My basics are too firmly rooted at the moment (my natural style is being dulled by amateur baduk), so I intend to think outside the box from now on and instead of playing "best moves" I'll look for some Awesome moves!!! I'm gonna flip every stone on the go board to find what I want!!!!
Take a look at this next guy, he is not going to play hide and seek with his pray, he is just there to kill the animal and go back home with his pray! That's what my Go-style is going to look like soon!!!

Inorder for this 1st operation of "Assu's Crazy Go School" to work out I've been looking at some pro games with intense area swapping in the opening and use of thickness in action in  the middle game.
My most viewed players at the moment are:

Kang yutaek
Lee Changho
Lee Yonggu
Kim Jiseok
Heo yongho
Hong Seongji
Peng Quan
Chen yaoye
+ others

from the kgs-scene I've chosen Artem92 as my muse. His style is somewhat similar to mine, though ofcourse he already has mastered his style, and has not earned his egf 7dan for being a joke.

Please support me by cheering me! thanks for reading my blog!
Stay tuned for Go-lectures! coming soon!


  1. Nice blog! :)
    By the way, I'm curious about your year in Korea -if you ever feel like taking requests- perhaps you could write about that some day...? Did you go to any tournaments there?
    Keep up the good work! :)

  2. Good posting. And thanks for switching interface language to english ;-o
    By the way, how do you review pro games? Fast forward to the end, or analysing each move deeply?