Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer holidays! new training plan? and free lessons for you

Dear readers,

Thanks for commenting on my blog!!! My original plan was to make more posts at the same time and then spread some news about some updates, but it took a while before the second post.
Anyways I was pretty busy again with 4 university entrance exams and I finally graduated from high-school!

Now I'm on my summerholidays and I don't have a slightest idea what am I going to be doing since I was a bit too lazy to find a job... +I was kinda busy until now :)
I will be going to EGC2011 in Bordeaux, that's for sure. Though I'm not that sure how I will live there since at the moment the balance on my bank account is close to 0€. I bought the plane tickets and have a free accomodation with friends. I hope everything goes well.

Now I have nearly 3 months of summerholidays before I start at university (if I get in that is), So I was thinking that since I don't have a job I could finally start training Go again!!! I've been playing actively on kgs the last 7 weeks and I noticed another major flaw in my game - Reading.... Probably that problem I mentioned in the last post has something to do with my reading skills. It seems like my mind is very fond of patterns, which I imitate with more or less with good results, but they are not enough to beat all 6-8d players on kgs. My strenght in this game is definetly my strategical planning and understanding quite well  the theory behind this game, but when it comes to more intense fighting and middle game flow, I lack very much. I think this is what is stopping me from rising to 6dan -7dan level in europe (I'm 5d now). It's a huge cap, but nevertheless fixable with loads of practice and motivation. Last autumn I was trying hard to reach 6dan level, but I gave up; It was too difficult. Now I'm ready to try again; 6dan, here I come!!!

As for last posts comments, thank you for commenting I will be trying my best to answer them.

How do you replay professional games?
-I usually replay only the first 100 moves of any professional game, since the game is usually more or less decided by then. After I've replayed a game once I replay it again from my memory. You might need to lay down the game more times before you can memorize the game, but don't give up! It's very rewarding once you master it.

Could you sometimes write posts about your time in S.Korea?
- Sure thing. I could try to make one general post about Baduk in korea and then another one of my experiences. Thanks for the idea!

Another thing is about the promotional campaign of this blog =)
Special offer: Free teaching lesson with me for all who share my blog in their facebook!!!
Send an e-mail to me and prove ur sharement. In addition there is a counter at the bottom of the page for shares on facebook. The special offer is for the first 5 people!!! So be fast :)

Keep commenting for questions new ideas. Perhaps best comments could even be rewarded!

Stay tuned! See you!!!

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